Reporting to you live from the BIMForum

BIM_forum_finalOrangeThis week the AGC’s BIMForum is taking place in Phoenix, AZ. This semi-annual conference is the must-attend event for all in the BIM and VDC world. It brings owners, designers, engineers, lawyers, academics and builders together to discuss BIM, VDC and IPD from all angles. The topic of this meeting is “BIM use through the life-cycle of a project” and it addresses all the difference ways a BIM is used at every stage of project from reviewing design options to facilities management.

This conference was preceded by a day of fabrication facility tours, where the attendees could see a BIM in action being used for prefabrication. Laura Handler, Tocci’s Director of Virtual Design and Construction  and John Tocci, Tocci’s CEO are reporting live from the conference all week. Here are some descriptions of yesterday’s tours from Laura:

Steel Fabrication at Schuff Steel

Mechanical In-Sourcing at Tri-City Mechanical

Exterior Wall Panels at Kovach

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