IPD study by the AIA

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The AIA just published a study evaluating six of the nation’s most prominent Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) projects by Johnathan Cohen.* The study “attempts to provide a “proof of concept” for this new method of designing and building.”

It is a fascinating study and very easy to read through, so we highly recommend that you do [Read the whole study here]. Here is a teaser:

“In every case these projects met or exceeded the owner’s expectations with respect to budget, schedule, design quality, and sustainability and also met the financial expectations of designers and builders. Every participant interviewed was enthusiastic about IPD and eager to try it again.**

A significant key to IPD’s promise is its ability to manage and mitigate risk for the three principal parties: the owner, the architect/engineer, and the builder. By aligning the goals of these parties around what is best for the project and making each party responsible for the behavior of the others, all three parties gain more control of the overall process.” ~ Jonathan Cohen, AIA

*Jonathan Cohen is an IPD consultant, practicing architect with over 30 years experience, past chair of the AIA California Council on IPD Steering Committee and national AIA Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community.  He is an instructor in the Harvard Design School Executive Education program and author of Communication and Design with the Internet: A guide for Architects, Planners and Building Professionals.

**Not to toot our own horn or anything but our Autodesk project got a perfect score!

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