Autodesk AEC Headquarters Achieves LEED Platinum

Tocci Stock

Tocci is proud to announce that our award-winning Autodesk AEC Headquarters recently delivered under an historic Integrated Delivery Project (IPD) contract has been certified LEED® Platinum by the United States Green Building Council!  LEED points earned included green design and construction initiatives. Building systems designed  by architect KlingStubbins include automated building systems, automated lighting controls, daylighting controls, sound control systems, use of FSC Certified Wood and use of Low Voc adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings and carpet. During construction Tocci instituted a stringent air quality management program that included zoning select work areas for dust/particle-creating work. Prior to occupancy the building underwent and passed air quality testing to assure uncompromised air. In addition, a full cleaning and recycling program was implemented that enabled recycling of over 88% of the project’s construction waste. Achieving LEED® Platinum was one of the key success criteria set forth in the IPD contract shared by Autodesk, KlingStubbins and Tocci.

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