Design we love – BMW Gina

This concept car by the BMW design team came out a year ago, but it still feels as fresh and avant-garde as the day it drove out of the studio. We discovered this car at a recent IPD symposium and, much like IPD, the Gina light model represents a completely new direction of thought. The design team took the risk of throwing the rule book out the window and considered building a car the way it might appear in a dream. While the Gina light model currently resides at the BMW museum in Munich, we hope such transformative thinking will make its way into production soon. We will let the video and photos speak for themselves.

For a full design brief click .

BMW Gina light model side

BMW Gina Light Model

bmw_gina_09 bmw_gina_08 bmw_gina_05 bmw_gina_02

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