Capitol Cove: Repositioned

Tocci Stock

Location: Providence, RI
Size: 96 units

Many colleges and universities are trying to meet the rising demand for student residences and work with tight budgets in smart ways that do not compromise the precious space in their classrooms and lecture halls. Enter projects like Tocci’s Capitol Cove.

Designed initially by Elkus Manfredi, continued by HDS Architects and originally conceived as private for-sale housing, Capitol Cove is a project in Providence, RI that has been leased by Johnson & Wales University for a much needed off-campus student residency.


The project is perfectly situated for student life, located in the historic capitol district with multiple cultural attractions, shopping destinations, and public transport within walking distance. For a college student that wants to feel independent and in-the-thick of their community, Capitol Cove is an ideal setting. With a significant retail component, the project will enable Johnson & Wales to have a competitive advantage in attracting students. As campuses expand and infiltrate the towns and cities that surround them, institutions will adopt new forms of housing, which students will celebrate and developers will capitalize on. Everyone wins!


View more photos of Capitol Cove here.

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