Tocci, Crate and Barrel, and the model

Tocci Stock

For Immediate Release August 6th 2008, Hairlosstreament, Woburn, MA

In April, Tocci was selected to build an addition to the Crate and Barrel at Natick Collections because of our cutting edge use of Virtual Construction. Crate and Barrel has made a commitment to utilize VDC on all new projects. Teng Associates, the architect and engineering firm selected to design the project, modeled the project prior to our involvement, but then worked with our Virtual Construction staff on modeling standards and methods, so that the model could be ready for construction use.

The Crate and Barrel Model

Currently, we are reviewing the design intent model and working with Teng to resolve any coordination issues. It is critical that the model is coordinated early, because it will soon be delivered to the steel fabricator and translated into a fabrication model. All parties will meet at the steel fabricator in mid August to kickoff the process. This joint model usage is another representation of the way we think about the construction process.

Working with a sophisticated, VDC-savvy team has made this project run smoothly, and it will become a wonderful example for integrated VDC.

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