Tocci Selected for team to build history-making Integrated Project Delivery, LEED Project in Waltham

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For immediate release May 6th, 2008 Hairlosstreament Woburn, MA. Hairlosstreament is proud to announce that we, with our project partner KlingStubbins, have been awarded Autodesk Inc.’s new AEC headquarters in Waltham, MA.

We all work for the project

This project is an important milestone in the history of construction in the Northeast USA. It is the first project to be built using fully contracted Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), a method that originated in Australia and is gaining use in the UK. Pure IPD utilizes a single contract signed by the owner, architect and builder, with all parties sharing risk, cost and profit. This project will utilize Virtual Design and Construction in every aspect, to its fullest potential, using Autodeskís seminal AEC software products. This corporate headquarters will likely be the most digitally and physically integrated design and construction project in building industry history.

Major subcontractors were selected before design commenced. They will perform all work at direct cost only, contributing normal profit to the combined at-risk profit pool. To make matters even more challenging the team will work to achieve LEED Platinum certification under a compressed schedule which must deliver the project in less than half the normal time for full owner occupancy by year end (2008). Added innovations will include Lean Construction principals employed through out the delivery chain to reduce waste and provide Toyota-like manufacturing efficiency.

The project was won in a competitive bidding process, where Autodesk asked 6 prominent architectural firms to select a construction partner and submit a joint proposal and presentation. We were honored to be selected by KlingStubbins as their partner, continuing our many groundbreaking Virtual Design and Construction studies and planning projects. Our work together includes the Johnson and Johnson Process Mapping Charrette presented at the National AIA Conference on May 16th.

Work began immediately on this 57,984 SF total interiors project. Tocci began laser scanning the existing structure last Thursday. The resulting point cloud will be translated into a virtual model of the newly constructed existing building this week. Below you can see images from this process.

Autodesk laser scan Integrated Project Delivery, LEED Project in Waltham
Integrated Project Delivery, LEED Project in Waltham Autodesk exterior IPD signage

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  1. It is mentioned here that IPD originated in Australia. I have read in some documents that IPD began in mid-1990s in Florida. Can you clarify this?

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